Think before you Pink

It is a feeling of hopelessness that brings us to this place. Desperate to save those who suffer. Determined to prevent those we hope never will. We are clawing and grasping to find any morsel of earth to hold onto when we feel like we’re spiraling out of control. It is hopelessness. I know that now. I used to think it was

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Go Slow.


“Maybe you should turn your work email off during our honeymoon,” the new husband says. “I don’t even know how to do that!” I admit. He takes my phone, makes a few swooshes with his finger, and it is done. I feel a rush of both relief and trepidation wash over me. I’ve never vacationed like this before. Day 1.  Before I

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                              When you propose to a librarian, you don’t really know what you are in for. You think you’ll have a lifetime of good book suggestions, but you don’t know you’ll have to pull off a literary themed wedding.   But as a true librarian, when

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A Wedding Prayer


  Please forgive me for all the times I referred to brides as “bridezilla.” I had no idea how many spreadsheets they were having to look at on a daily basis. Please also forgive me for the judgement I passed on couples who elope. I had no idea how many spreadsheets they avoided by making that decision. Please let my family

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